Haiku: Time’s leaping into being

Time is mortal. It is perhaps the most mortal “thing” — the essence of mortality.  But in a particularly dense and poetic passage, Desmond speaks of the origin of time: “The ecstasy of time is time’s own ecstasy, but as given from the origin, it is also a rejoicing with the origin which leaps in its leaping . . .” (God and the Between 297).

eternity loves time

my cat toys with his old toy

a fine pas de deux


NOTES Other possible sections:  time’s ecstacy ,  time flows in time . . .

Aphorism: The Gift of Time

The ambiguity of the “of” in the phrase “the gift of time” is confusing but ultimately helpful. There ARE two interpretations, and each has its truth.

Time presupposes its other as eternity. This is dialectical logic and is supported by usage. So we can say that time is the gift of eternity. “The gift of time.”

The second interpretation is also valid: all things happen in time. “The gifts of time.”  This is a matter of contention, perhaps; idealists protest but the logic holds in usage. The space we live and move in is temporal; we are temporal. Every thing is the gift of time.

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